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Our offered Weigh-metric Solid Dosing System is a globally agreed decimal system, employed for measurement. Planned for transnational use, these consist of elementary set of measurement units. Traced units are mainly built up from the base parts using logical rather than empiric relations while multiples and sub-multiples of both base as well as derived units are decimal-based and known by a standardized set of prefixes. Planned for engineers and technologists working in human-related measures and for physicists and astronomers with numbers of both large and small prefixes, our Weigh-metric Solid Dosing System is available in assorted specifications.

Key Points :

  • Meticulous measurements with net scales, weighers etc.
  • Comprehended for cost-efficiency as well as expeditious functions.
  • Can be efficiently used for medication and pharmacy.
  • Handy with different specifications, fit for varied usages.

Volumetric Liquid Dosing System means adding additives by volume. It demands to be calibrated non-automatically as the volume can differ due to external causes. This system offered by us is used in both extrusion and injection molding, and offers extra monitoring and control. With this instrumentality, the process of dissolving a compound in a fluid so as to make it easier for measurement. In the involvement of harm reduction, it is crucial to utilize Volumetric Liquid Dosing System with definite compounds, which are too powerful for the measurement of traditional weighing scales.

Key Points :

  • Precise measurement with common digital scales.
  • Appreciated for cost-efficiency and prompt functions.
  • Offer assorted concentrations in easy-to-acquire solvents.
  • Accessible with several specifications fit for varied applications.

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